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May 18, 2007|By Orlando Sentinel

Shrek the Third

Rating -- PG

What it's about -- Shrek the Ogre is in line to rule, and his wife, Fiona, wants a baby. So he rounds up his pals to go find another heir.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- The Shrek animated franchise has been a kids' favorite for years.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- Growing up means accepting your responsibilities. Girls, don't wait for your "man" to rescue you.

Violence -- Comic, cartoonish, even the big death scene.

Language -- Pretty clean, save for the flatulence jokes.

Sex -- Not really.

Drugs -- A too-thinly-veiled pot-smoking reference.

Parents' advisory -- Perhaps some explanation as to why Princess Fiona doesn't get to rule is needed, and suggesting "Just say no" to frankincense smoking.

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