Tracking The Terps

The Kickoff

May 17, 2007|By HEATHER A. DINICH

OK, OK, I admit it. I'm pilfering this "hot topic" off the TerpSportsReportmessage board, but I think ya'll need a woman to weigh in if you're going to start talking about, um, fashion.

A Web site called Southern Pigskin ranked ACC unis from the best-looking to the worst. The Terps ranked ninth (about where their defense finished last season, not that anyone appears to care about football on this particular post).

First off all, let me clue you in to the sheer absurdity of this.

Miami, the site says, has "very cool helmets." Virginia Tech was ranked No. 4 in part because "the colors actually match the season of fall." (You're supposed to match them with their EYES, fellas, not the seasons.) Topping the list is Florida State, whose "pants look stunning under the lights especially."

You should see them on the runway.

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