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May 16, 2007|By Sun Reporter

It is hard to imagine Sarah Parks was reluctant to play on attack in her early lacrosse days, starting as a goalie in second grade and then playing defense until her coach asked her to go up front when she was in the seventh grade. These days, scoring goals is a natural thing for the standout junior, who finished the regular season with a team-high 51 goals to go with 20 assists. Her knack for scoring doesn't stop on the lacrosse field. She scored 28 goals for the Eagles' field hockey team to break the program record and earn county Player of the Year honors in the fall. Along with playing lacrosse and field hockey, Parks, who has a 3.57 grade-point average, is a member of the National Honor Society who also likes to hang out with friends and read. She plans to play lacrosse and study business in college with Boston University and Virginia among the schools that have interested her.

Does scoring goals come naturally to you?

I never got the opportunity to play up front before playing on my club because I was always so defensive-minded. But once I started playing attack, I was instantly comfortable with it. I think accuracy is one of the most important things. I know I don't have a hard shot at all, but all my coaches have told me to see the spaces where the goalie is not and try to put it there.

Is there any extra pressure being the top goal scorer?

No. I think we have a really balanced attack and I know I can give it up to any of my teammates because I know they all have really good shots. So there's not really any pressure.

What was the biggest goal you ever scored in lacrosse?

My sophomore year, we played Annapolis, and it was a tie game with less than a minute left. I took a shot right at the goalie's stick, then it bounced back and I got it again and put it in. My coach didn't even see it because she was so mad at me that I shot it right at the goalie that she covered her eyes and didn't see me get the rebound.

What was the last book you read?

I re-read Harry Potter -- the first one. There's six out now. They are like my favorite books. Each summer, I usually re-read them. I've read them all about four times. I know it sounds nerdy, but they're just really cool.

Do you have any favorite teams?

I follow college basketball, and I like Duke. I know! I first started following Duke four years ago when J.J. Reddick started to play because I thought he was really cute. But I actually really got into the game because I used to play some basketball growing up. So it's fun watching it. I like the college game a lot better than the NBA.


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