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The Kickoff

May 14, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO

Ricky Williams says that, after some intense analysis and deep soul-searching with his psychiatrist, they've determined that there are a few things he needs to do for himself before returning to the NFL.

Like, stop smoking weed.

Yeah, that.

Some players cut their careers short because they've taken too many hits. With this guy, it's too many bong hits.

I thought he was serious about making a comeback when he hired a personal trainer. I guess it was a bad sign when it turned out to be Snoop Dogg.

Receiver Antonio Bryant pleaded no contest to reckless driving and received a one-year probation for doing more than 100 mph in his orange Lamborghini. He was, however, jailed over the weekend for choosing a really, really bad color.

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