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May 13, 2007



Last week, we asked you to pick a cause for the Orioles' recent struggles. You decided the fault mainly resides in the team's bats. The results:

Clutch-hitting difficulties, 39.6 percent (639 votes)

The starters' inability to pitch deep, 24.7 (398)

Mental mistakes and lack of intensity, 19.0 (307)

Sam Perlozzo's managerial decisions, 12.0 (193)

A brutal schedule, 4.8 (77)



Who would you like to see come out of retirement to pitch for the Orioles?

Mike Boddicker

Mike Flanagan

Dennis Martinez

Scott McGregor

Jim Palmer

Steve Stone

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Each week we will ask an open-ended baseball question. Reply with your thoughts to sports@baltsun. com. We'll print one response each week. Keep your answer to 25 words or fewer and make sure to include your name, city and phone number for verification purposes.

This week's question: What kind of effect is baseball's continuing steroid investigation having on the game?

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