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May 13, 2007|By Troy McCullough | Troy McCullough,Sun Columnist

It's time for another installment of links and ephemera found floating around the blogosphere in recent days. Be careful not to take any of these too seriously. To do so would be to miss the point of this column and of blogging in general:

The Condiment Packet Museum

As the name suggests, you'll find photos of hundreds of packets of condiments here, including all the staples of fast-food adornments: ketchup, mustard, relish, soy sauce, mayo and more. -- Found on


Here you'll find an engrossing array of fantastic past visions of the future that were never quite realized. "While I might poke fun at the outlandish ideas of 1950s America, corporate puffery or Jules Verne," the site's creator cautions, "I do it with an admiration for the idealism we seem to be losing in our post-modern society." -- Found on several blogs

World Obesity archive/2007-05-06--world-fatness .html

A graphical representation of the percentage of people of a given country over the age of 15 with a body mass index greater than 30. You can guess which country tops the list. -- Found on

Mathematics in Movies mathmovies/index.html

"This is a collection of movie clips in which Mathematics appears. I'm collecting DVDs and VHS tapes of such movies. This is a working document to be extended over time. I started this page during spring break 2006. Currently, there are 29 movies processed for this page and 13 unprocessed movies with some Math content are left in my collection to be added." -- Found on

The Simpsons vs. The Family Guy

A YouTube video (presumably cobbled together by an enraged Simpsons fan) that compares several scenes from episodes of The Family Guy that are oddly similar to earlier scenes from episodes of The Simpsons. -- Found on

Invisible Ink invisible.html

Fulfill your childhood spy fantasies here: "Although it looks pink in the bottle, this amazing ink goes on to paper wonderfully clear and invisible: It turns blue when the paper is held over a light bulb or other gentle heat source, and then disappears again as the paper cools."-- Found on

Hotel Hallways hallways/

This Flickr photo group offers viewers a collection of vaguely creepy hotel passages that are eerily reminiscent of scenes from The Shining. -- Found on

The African Cookbook about_cb_wh.html

An online collection of recipes from several African countries based upon a 1993 book of the same name. From the foreword: "African cooking, like Africa itself, now embodies elements of several cultures -- Arab, European, and Asian as well as black African. It is varied, it is interesting, and it is delicious." -- Found on Information Junk (

How to Reduce Junk Mail reduce-junk-mail-five-ey-ing-ps/

We're talking snail mail here: "Here are five tips to save time and money by trying to eliminate unsolicited offers in your mailbox." -- Found on

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