Boyse F. Mosley


May 12, 2007|By Frederick N. Rasmussen

When Boyse F. Mosley retired from Northwestern Senior High School in 1991, the controversial and outspoken principal told reporters that "public education as we know it is dead."

Time has not dimmed Mosley's passions when asked about the fate of city schools.

"I still feel that way about public education all these years later. You can change the faces and chairs, but the same outcome is repeated," said Mosley, 75, in a recent interview.

Mosley remains an advocate of giving schools more autonomy and control over their programs, budgets and faculty.

. After leaving Northwestern, Mosley said he stayed home for six months "crying and praying a lot."

Since then, he has held positions at Anne Arundel Community College, Charles H. Hickey School and Morning Star Youth Academy in Woolford, Dorchester County, from which he retired in December.

"I'm not bitter toward the city public schools' administration. I did the best I could. I look in the mirror each morning, and I'm not ashamed," Mosley said.

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