Ditch the baggage and put an end to the long goodbye


May 12, 2007|By MARYANN JAMES

Summer is just around the corner, meaning it's prime time to shed those winter pounds. But I'm not talking double chins and love handles. It's time to lose the ex and say goodbye to the fake-up.

We all know the fake-up. You've broken up and gotten back together so many times that your friends have lost count. You've finally broken up -- I know, you really mean it this time -- but you're still on the phone 24/7, and you still, er, "know" each other. Biblically. In a dating world of multiple night stands and "friends with benefits," there's always room -- firmly wedged between the break-up and the make-up -- for the fake-up.

Next week on Baltamour: College seniors are picking up diplomas and packing up for a new life -- but they can't always take their significant other with them. Talk to us about weathering that long-distance relationship on baltimoresun.com/baltamour.

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