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May 09, 2007|By PAT O'MALLEY | PAT O'MALLEY,Sun Reporter

Annapolis Area Christian senior ace Bekah Wahl has led her team to a 9-5 record. The Eagles started the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland B Conference playoffs this week as the No. 3 seed and hope to make a run at playing in the finals for the second straight season. Wahl, who also played volleyball, has a weighted grade point average above 4.0 and scored 1,870 on her SAT. Wahl is a member of the National Honor Society, the school's LIFE group (an anti-drug program) and the Magical Singing group. She will attend Geneva (Pa.) College and play softball.

When did you start windmill pitching?

I started when I was 13. Steve Grenfell, who coached the Christian Athletic Association, taught me how to do it. When I got to high school, I didn't pitch the first two years -- played third base as a freshman and was out my sophomore year with a torn [anterior cruciate ligament]. I pitched the last two years and am a team captain.

What's in your pitching repertoire?

I throw a fastball (62 mph) a couple ways, changeup, curve and a screwball that breaks in on right-handed hitters.

What has been your best game?

Last week I threw a perfect game against Notre Dame Prep in nine innings with 18 strikeouts.

What's the Magical Singing group all about?

Not just anybody can be in it. I'm an alto and it's a very prestigious group. I love it. We travel places to sing -- recently went up to Pittsburgh. All of my friends are very musical. We go Christmas caroling in downtown Annapolis and just to sing other times.

What do you like to do in your leisure other than sing?

I like to go to the movies. We just saw Spider-Man 3 this past weekend. I also love to read -- [I'm] into reading everything.

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