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May 06, 2007



There were a lot of interesting and disturbing hairdos on display around here in the past few weeks, but readers said if they could shave one off, it would be Manny Ramirez's extended dreadlocks, edging Mel Kiper's hair helmet by a whisker. The results:

Boston's Manny Ramirez, 37.7 percent (249 votes)

NFL draft guru/Baltimore native Mel Kiper Jr., 33.9 (224)

Orioles' Jay Gibbons, 18.2 (120)

Oakland's Nick Swisher, 6.7 (44)

Orioles' Kevin Millar, 2.9 (19)

Oakland's Travis Buck, 0.6 (4)



What is the primary reason for the Orioles' recent struggles?

A brutal schedule

The starters' inability to pitch deep

Clutch hitting difficulties

Mental mistakes and lack of intensity

Sam Perlozzo's managerial decisions

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Hack of

the week

Who is baseball's most overrated player and why?

Miguel Tejada. It hurts to admit it, but I believe the most overrated MLB player is here, and he plays shortstop. Does his reputation exceed his abilities?

[Patrick R. Lynch, Baltimore]

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This week's question: Which April wonder - player or team - do you think will fade away by the All-Star break?

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