5 Things I Have To Have Now


Home is where the heart is" applies to Baltimore native Chickie Grayson. Early on, the president of Enterprise Homes lived in the up-and-coming Reservoir Hill. Decades later, she's moved on to another home in the city, and urban renewal is everywhere. Still, affordable housing for seniors and families is scarce, says Grayson, 60. Enterprise Homes, affiliated with the national nonprofit Enterprise Community Partners, created by James W. Rouse and his wife, Patty, has developed more than 5,000 units of affordable housing in the mid-Atlantic region. Now, they are working to bring housing relief to Louisiana. "There is a phenomenal need for quality, affordable homes in New Orleans," says Grayson.


Trip to Barcelona, Spain

"So I can buy a Lupo pocketbook. They have a mustard color this spring that I could use. ... Barcelona is a great city -- great museums, great food, great walking -- and of course, great shopping."


A great, sleek Italian kitchen within my budget

"They're just gorgeous. Very modern-looking. Having lived in a Victorian home for 20 years, I didn't have an opportunity to have anything that was very modern. So this is my opportunity to have something modern."


Robert Lee Morris earring replacement

"I'm missing the mate. Isn't it amazing that you remember that you lost an earring and you keep the other one? It's been many years [since I lost it], and I haven't given up yet."

4 Wolf Kahn painting

"He does beautiful landscapes. ... It would go in my living room in my new home."


A great pair of black shoes

"I don't care [about the brand] as long as it fits and looks fabulous. They're mutually exclusive too often. I want comfort and style."

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