The Week That Was

May 06, 2007

Carney residents angered

Carney residents are upset after the Baltimore County Council did an about-face on a building ban near an intersection that neighbors say will only get worse with development.

Towson to build new dorms

In the Towson area, where residents complain about college students living in their midst, the university says it will house an influx of undergraduates on campus.

Arsenic problem found in 1981

A Johns Hopkins researcher published a study in 1981 showing high levels of arsenic in Swann Park in South Baltimore and concluded that the element was likely responsible for a high cancer death rate in the neighborhood.

Navy doctor being investigated

A Navy doctor who was a chaperone for the Naval Academy men's gymnastics team is being investigated on allegations that he made secret video recordings of midshipmen having sex in his home, several legal and naval sources said.

Arundel to buy developer's land

Anne Arundel County strikes a deal to buy 30 acres that abut a wetlands sanctuary for $6.1 million from a developer who had planned to use it for a shopping center.

Dixon takes on illegal guns

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon lays out initiatives aimed at reducing weapons on the city's streets. Proposals include requiring convicted gun offenders to register with police and tracking data on gun arrests and sentences with a new program dubbed GunStat.

HUD puts project on hold

Plans for redeveloping a key part of Baltimore's Reservoir Hill neighborhood are on hold because of building restrictions imposed by the a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Hope for homeowners

A nonprofit group says it will provide refinancing opportunities to local homeowners struggling with subprime mortgages in response to the large rise in foreclosures.

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