May 06, 2007

The Havre de Grace residence of Dr. Thomas C. Hopkins was the site of the meeting of the Medical Society of Harford County on May 8, 1877. After recommending and electing new members, the doctors shared details of cases including "Nephritic Colic" and spinal congestion.

In his farewell address, retiring president Dr. W.W. Virdin congratulated the group "upon the prosperous condition of the Society now in the eleventh year of its life ... although a number of the profession of the county have failed to see the advantage alike to themselves and to the communities in which they practice," of joining the group.

Virdin saw the society's mission as protecting public health, ensuring the supply of medicines at fair prices, and determining the role of the apothecary in prescribing medicines.

The members appointed committees to work for the removal of duties on quinine, nominate new officers and represent the society in national and state medical associations.

[Source: Harford Historical Bulletin, Summer 1988; research by Harford County Public Library]

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