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May 04, 2007


Dr. Elliot Fishman, a professor of radiology and oncology and director of diagnostic imaging and body CT at Johns Hopkins Hospital, was named best radiologist in the United States in a survey of his peers by Medical Imaging magazine.

Fishman was a pioneer in the development of 3-D medical imaging in cooperation with Pixar. His Web site,, has won a variety of awards and is visited by more than 50,000 medical professionals each month, according to the university.

The survey ranked Hopkins' radiology department No. 1 in the country, and seven members were also in the top 10 in their disciplines. They were Dr. David Bluemke, Dr. Richard Wahl, Dr. Dean Wong, Dr. Nagi Khouri, Dr. Katarzyna Macura, James Philbin and M. Robert De Jong Jr.

Peter Olson, a geophysicist at the Johns Hopkins University's Morton K. Blaustein Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, was elected to membership in the National Academy of Sciences this week at the organization's annual meeting in Washington.

Olson's research focuses on the dynamics of the Earth's interior, including the mantle and the core, and how they react to produce plate tectonics, deep mantle plumes and the geomagnetic field.


Lisa Rowen has joined the University of Maryland Med ical Center as sen- ior vice president of patient care services and chief nurs ing officer, where she will oversee the institution's 1,600-member nursing depart ment and other patient-care services, including physical, occupational and speech therapy, social work and clinical nutrition.

Rowen comes to UMMC after eight years as director of surgical nursing at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She is also on the faculty of the Univer sity of Maryland School of Nursing, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and George Mason University.

Phyllis W. Sharps has been promoted to professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing.

Sharps, who is chair of the school's community and pub lic health department, has been a member of the faculty since 2001 and has served as director of the master's pro gram and co-director of the Minority Global Health Dis parities Research Training Program.

She is the principal investiga tor of a multimillion-dollar National Institute of Nursing Research community-based study aimed at helping at-risk pregnant women and their infants.


Dr. Dale Buchbinder, chief of surgery at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center and medical director of the hospital's Wound Care Center, has received the Teamwork Award from Di versified Clinical Services, the nation's largest pro vider of wound care. Anne Rooney, the center's pro gram director, received the organization's achievement award. The wound care center, estab lished in 1991, handled more than 10,700 patient visits in 2006.

Dr. Robert Schwarcz, a professor of psychiatry, pharmacology and pediat rics at the University of Maryland School of Med icine, has received the American Society for Phar macology and Experimen tal Therapeutics Epilepsy Research Award.

A neuroscientist who has pioneered the study of mo lecular and cellular mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative and sei zure disorders, Schwarcz was the first to demon strate the possibility of protecting nerve cells from injury using specific chemicals known as gluta mate receptor antago nists. The native of Vienna, Austria, has been on the UM medical faculty since 1979, and he is director of neu roscience research.

Dr. Kenneth Brady, a pedi atric intensive care spe cialist at the Johns Hop kins Children's Center, has received the Hartwell Foundation's award for bi omedical research, which recognizes cutting-edge work in biomedicine with the potential for direct clinical benefit to chil dren. The award provides $100,000 in funding for three years.

Brady, an assistant profes sor in the division of pedi atric critical care and an esthesiology, was cited or his work on a monitor that tracks blood flow changes in the brains of children with serious brain injuries.

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