May 03, 2007|By Brent Jones | Brent Jones,sun reporter

City schools to transfer 49 teachers Despite objections from the Baltimore Teachers Union, the city school system is proceeding with a plan to transfer 49 teachers out of five academically troubled elementary/middle schools scheduled to be managed by Towson University this fall.

Some of those teachers asked city school officials last week to review their cases, but Edie House, a spokeswoman for the city schools system, said none of the appeals was allowed. The city schools system has final authority on personnel decisions for the schools.

Towson officials said a leadership team of principals and other administrators decided which teachers would be kept at one school, Morrell Park Elementary/Middle, while principals made the decisions at the other schools. Decisions on personnel were based on whether teachers agreed with the different approach, according to Towson officials.

Last week, the state school board gave preliminary approval to a plan that would allow Towson to run three Cherry Hill schools: Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Arundel and Cherry Hill elementary/middle schools. State approval was needed because those schools were required to restructure after failing to meet state standards on tests for years.

Towson runs Morrell Park and is scheduled to manage another Cherry Hill school, Patapsco Elementary/Middle.

Hours after last week's school board meeting, union representatives met with city school officials to discuss the transfers, which Marietta English, co-president of the BTU, described as "unfair and unjust." During the closed-door session, city school officials agreed to review the transfers.

BTU officials were unavailable for comment yesterday.

Some parents are expected to speak on behalf of the teachers at the city school board's next meeting Tuesday.

Laura Carbaugh, whose daughter is a second-grader at Morrell Park, said she has collected more than 100 signatures for a petition protesting the transfers of the teachers at her child's school.

"They're saying these teachers aren't qualified to teach our kids," Carbaugh said. "That's ridiculous."


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