Double Elimination!

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Last night's castoffs

May 03, 2007|By Tim Swift | Tim Swift,Sun Staff

Who Went Home:

Chris "Wanted Dead or Alive" Richardson (top) and Phil "Blaze of Glory" Stacey

What Went Wrong:

The nasally Richardson tried, but his best wasn't good enough. Lacking a compelling back story, Richardson was crowded out by bigger singers and splashier personalities. As for Stacey, his singing was competent, but he was in over his odd-shaped head - and evoking Nosferatu singing karaoke didn't help.

Shining moments:

With a quirky performance of "Geek in the Pink" during the semifinals, Richardson outdid the original. During country week, Stacey found his niche and started paying attention to the entire song.

In Danger:

Looking like Sideshow Bob in a Hefty bag, Jordin Sparks warbled through "Livin' on a Prayer." It was rotten, and she knew it.

Tim Swift

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