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Adrift in Manhattan -- A hit from this year's Sundance Festival, this movie shows how lives can intersect in important and unexpected ways on the streets of Manhattan. Heather Graham and Victor Rusak star.

Alice Neel -- The titular character is the late, celebrated portrait painter, known for spending six decades as a self-described "collector of souls." This documentary was helmed by the artist's grandson, Andrew Neel, co-director of Darkon, a 2006 Maryland Film Festival selection.

American Fork -- An overweight grocery clerk tries to find his place in life while exploring poetry, acting and mentoring in this dark comedy from director Chris Bowman and members of the Napoleon Dynamite/Sasquatch Dumpling Gang camp.

Analog Days -- Those difficult years of self-definition as high school fades into adulthood are the subject of Mike Ott's hip, energetic film. A cool soundtrack and winning cast fuel this fresh alternative to Hollywood coming-of-age stories.

Blood Car -- An accident in Archie's makeshift lab during his quest for an alternative fuel source reveals that his experimental motor works best on human blood -- a discovery that drives the once-vegan Archie to diabolical ends.

Blood, Boobs, and Beast -- The world premiere of this loving documentary look at Baltimore-area filmmaker Don Dohler, who in the late 1970s began producing his own psychotronic, proudly independent alternatives to Hollywood sci-fi and horror films (including cult classics such as The Alien Factor and Nightbeast).

Brand Upon The Brain! -- The latest from Guy Maddin is a silent, expressionist, horror/suspense film about a dysfunctional family's island lighthouse/orphanage and the mysterious goings-on surrounding it.

Charlie Obert's Barn -- Charlie Obert's Barn is a charming, witty documentary about a Baltimore filmmaker's efforts to painstakingly dismantle his grandfather's Pennsylvania barn and reconstruct it as his new family home in Maryland.

Chops -- First-time documentary director Bruce Broder follows a remarkable group of students from a public arts school in Jacksonville, Fla., as they compete in the prestigious national Essentially Ellington contest organized by Wynton Marsalis and his Jazz at Lincoln Center team.

Companeras -- Companeras is a documentary about the first all-female mariachi band. Co-directed by Matthew Buzzell, whose previous documentaries on Jimmy Scott, Luna and Elvis Costello and Allen Toussaint have been festival favorites across the world.

Crazy Love -- Produced and directed by the team of Dan Klores and Fisher Stevens, this nonfiction story about Burt Pugach's and Linda Riss' inexplicable but undeniable attraction for each other over decades is too strange to be anything but real.

Dante's Inferno -- Melding live-action graphic-novel art with Victorian-era toy theater, Dante's Inferno is a subversive, darkly satirical update of the 14th-century literary classic.

East Of Euclid -- This black-and-white period film noir, set in frozen Winnipeg, Manitoba, of 1972 is a labyrinthine story of lust, greed and revenge, centering on a small-time Russian gambler hiding from the KGB in a dreary perogie factory.

Frownland -- Frownland follows a nervous, awkward pest of a man as he annoys everyone he comes in contact with.

Golden Days -- This documentary follows struggling indie-rock band the Damnwells as they are courted and eventually signed to a major record label -- only to have their album and their career nearly destroyed by the company that signed them.

Great World of Sound -- Director Craig Zobel uses a hybrid form of narrative and documentary to explore that quest for fame and success in the world of music that dominates every minute of prime television.

Hannah Takes the Stairs -- This darkly comic "mumblecore" feature details the tangled romantic lives of urban hipsters.

Have You Heard From Johannesburg?: Apartheid and the Club of the West -- This film, the first of a series, chronicles an amazing story of democracy at its best. As protests against apartheid built to a peak in South Africa in the mid-1980s, a group of ordinary citizens in the United States set out to help.

Hip-Hop Project -- Director Matt Ruskin's documentary follows a hip-hop-based youth-outreach program headed by rapper Chris "Kazi" Rolle as it struggles to produce its first album. Features appearances from Doug E. Fresh, Russell Simmons and ... Bruce Willis.

I Don't Want to Sleep Alone -- A stoic young man is nursed back to health by a stranger after falling prey to urban bandits in Kuala Lumpur.

Inside the Circle -- Director Marcy Garriott's eye-popping, gravity-defying doc follows two young, Austin, Texas-based b-boys with dreams of making it big and perfecting their craft on the increasingly international breakdancing scene.

Kamp Katrina -- Miss Pearl, a colorful resident of New Orleans' Upper Ninth Ward, converts her garden into an impromptu shantytown for displaced people in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

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