It would certainly be a fright if O's didn't show some fight

May 02, 2007

No doubt, there are a few Little League moms out there who think it was just terrible the Orioles and the Detroit Tigers nearly got into a brawl Monday night at Comerica Park.

I can almost hear them self-righteously asking what kind of message it sends to the youngsters of America when highly paid professional athletes can't settle their differences without resorting to epithets and violent posturing.

I suppose they're right, in a wimpy, new-age sort of way, but it was good to see the Orioles still have a pulse.

I'd be more worried if Daniel Cabrera weren't frustrated with the way the first month of the season has gone for him, though he might want to take it out on someone other than Gary Sheffield next time.

Has that ball landed yet?

Not here

If it crossed your mind that suddenly unemployed receiver Keyshawn Johnson might look good in purple, you're more likely to see him wearing that color at the next Prince concert than at M&T Bank Stadium.

The Ravens are set at the receiver position and Johnson -- despite his lofty career credentials -- would not make sense with Demetrius Williams emerging as a vertical threat.

Kimmie comes home

Figure skating star Kimmie Meissner will bring a group of world-class skaters to 1st Mariner Arena on Aug. 25 for Kimmie's Angels on Ice, an ice show to benefit the Cool Kids Campaign, which is part of the local Belanger-Federico Foundation.

The Cool Kids Campaign provides services, computer equipment and gifts to pediatric cancer patients around the nation. Meissner has been an active ambassador for the program, leading fundraising efforts and serving as co-editor of Cool Kids Connection, a newspaper that publishes the writing, poetry and artwork of pediatric cancer patients.

The show will be Meissner's first major skating appearance in Baltimore. Go to for ticket information.

Never-ending story

It appears George Mitchell finally has gotten the break he needs to make meaningful progress in Major League Baseball's steroid investigation. Former New York Mets employee Kirk Radomski has agreed to cooperate with Mitchell as part of a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, which could blow open the game's simmering performance-enhancement scandal.

Can't wait, but only because I'm so tired of this mess that I almost confessed to passing the stuff out myself just so we can all move on.

Oscar night

Though I'm still coming to grips with the strange training methods employed by boxer Oscar De La Hoya -- frankly, I can't get the nude pool therapy out of my mind -- it's hard not to be fired up for Saturday night's fight between the Golden Boy and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The oddsmakers have Mayweather (-190) as a solid favorite, but a number of experts have predicted Oscar will take this fight the distance. He has been underestimated before, but I'd need more than a +150 line to fish for the upset.

No matter, after ponying up for the pay-per-view, I won't have any money left anyway.

(Note: The -190 betting line means that a bettor would have to bet $190 on Mayweather to win $100. The +150 line on De La Hoya means that a $100 bet on Oscar would return $150 if he pulls the upset.)

Exercise option

Seattle Mariners second baseman Jose Lopez just agreed to a four-year contract that includes $625,000 in incentives for staying in reasonable physical shape throughout the term of the deal.

Every year, including an optional fifth season, Lopez will take four physical tests and receive a $25,000 bonus for each one he passes. If he passes all four, he gets an extra $25,000.

Don't I feel like a chump. I spent the past three months dieting and didn't get a cent, though I'm hoping to get a few option years tacked onto the end of my life.

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