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The Kickoff

May 02, 2007|By BILL ORDINE

I will confess I have become a baseball detractor on many levels in my latter decades for reasons too sundry to mention here but which you'll likely hear about from time to timegoing forward-RD. One of those transistor-radio-under-the-pillow baseball geeks as I kid, I've felt more alienated over the years by the game's devolution. Call me cranky.

And so that's why I find Toronto's Roy Halladay so refreshing. Just to recap his 6-1 win over the Rangers Monday night the Blue JaysEQ=#-RD ace went the full nine, giving up oneCQ run on fiveCQ hits with eightCQ strikeouts and no, I repeat, CQno walks. He threw 110CQ pitches, with 80CQ being strikes. His ERA is 2.28CQ, which, by today's standards, puts him in Bob Gibson circa 1968 territory. He's 4-0CQ and this was his secondCQ complete game this year.

And one more thing: Monday night's gem took just -RD2CQ hours, 2CQ minutes. That, friends, is baseball.

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