Nood regatta Results

April 29, 2007

Alberg 30 (nine boats, two races): T.C. Williams, Arnold, Argo, 3 points; Tim Williams, Annapolis, LinGin, four points; Rolph Townshend, Severna Park, Skybird, 7 points.

Cal 25 (11 boats, two races): Timothy Bloomfield, Sherwood Forest, White Cap, 5 points; Jimmy Praley, Annapolis, Upchuck, 5 points; Charlie Husar, Annapolis, Fahrvergnugen, 5 points.

Catalina 27 (eight boats, two races): Julian Richards, Annapolis, Jolly Mon, 3 points; Mike Walsh, Pasadena, Four Little Ducks, 3 points; Peter Zahn, Severna Park, Snagglepuss, 8 points.

S2 7.9 (nine boats, three races): David Flechsig, Port Charlotte, Fla., Rooster Tail, 6 points; Bob Fleck, Alexandria, Va., Horizon, 7 points; Kent Picknell, Crestwood, Ky., 9 points.

S2 9.1 (nine boats, three races): John Stefanik, Severna Park, Hurricane Kelley, 5 points; Gordon and John Latrobe, Baltimore, Still A Gorilla, 7 points; J. Barry Moss, Bethesda, Fast Company, 8 points.

C&C 99 (six boats, two races): Scott Dodge, Annapolis, All In, 3 points; Ken Karsten, Annapolis, Bzing, 3 points; Dixon Wilde, Williamsburg, Va., Kingfisher, 8 points.

J/22 (36 boats, three races): Bill Abbott, Lakewood, Ohio, Devil's Play, 21 points; Greg Fisher, Annapolis, Leading Edge, 21 points; Kevin Doyle/Victor Snyder, Niagra Falls, N.Y., Mo Money, 22 points.

J/24 (15 boats, three races): Paul Van Ravenswaay, Annapolis, Millennium Falcon, 6 points; Mark Hillman, Bethesda, WIP, 12 points; Peter Rich, Annapolis, Show Dog, 12 points.

J/29 (eight boats, two races): Ira Perry, Dartmouth, Mass., Seefest, 4 points; Joe Krolak, Annapolis, No. 63252, 4 points; John Edwards, California, Rhumb Punch, 5 points.

J/30 (14 boats, two races): Larry Christy, Annapolis, Big Kahuna, 2 points; John McArthur, Stratford, Conn., Smiles, 6 points; Grealy Putnam, Annapolis, Better Mousetrap, 6 points.

J/80 (14 boats, two races): Edward Philpot Jr., Laconia, N.H., Excitable Boy, 7 points; Kristen Robinson, Annapolis, Angry Chameleon, 9 points; Les Beckwith, Wolfeboro, N.H., FKA, 9 points.

J/105: (45 boats, one race): Marty Hublitz, McLean, Va., Veloce, 1 point; Brian Keane, Weston, Mass., Savasana, 2 points; Jeffrey Harris, Arnold, Lift Ticket, 3 points.

Etchells (16 boats, three races): Rob Hitchcock, Dorchester, Mass., Sail 1105, 12 points; Raymond Hitchcock, Bomoseen, Vt., USA 1076, 12 points; Jordan Smith, Annapolis, Painted Jezebel, 19 points.

Melges 24 (16 boats, two races): Justin DaMore, Annapolis, Panic Attack, 6 points; Simon Strauss, New York, N.Y. 6 points; Bill Carleton, Herndorn, Va., Tiburon, 8 points.

Melges 32 (12 boats, one race): Rodrick Jabin, Annapolis, Ramrod, 1 point; Carroll Kullman, Tampa, Fla., New Wave, 2 points; Joe Woods, Devon, England, RED, 3 points.

Mumm 30 (nine boats, one race): Bodo and Nick von der Wense, Wayne, Pa., Turbo Duck, 1 point; Kevin Young, Woodmere, Ohio, Black Seal, 2 points; Donald Zucker, New York City, Nanuk, 3 points.

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