5 Things I Have To Have Now


Joan Hatfield is all business, from her work leading the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce for the past four years to her labor of love guiding a family of three kids. They're all grown up now, two of them with their own businesses to run. Maybe it's genetic. Born and raised in Texas, Hatfield now lives in Lutherville and works in Towson, where she says the best part of her job is "the people and seeing this Chamber grow and become one of the strongest in the state." As for shopping, she's all business there, too. "I don't usually know what I want, but when I do, I know where I like to go."


A cruise vacation "A ticket on the new cruise line that I'm anxiously waiting for the [Baltimore] port authorities to announce. I have never been on one from Baltimore. ... I'm just looking forward to being on one of the cruises."


Bay fishing tour "A long day on the bay, fishing. I love fishing for rockfish and blues and whatever else bites my line."


Tickets to the National Aquarium in Baltimore "I'd love to take my grandkids to the new Australia exhibit -- all [six] of them."


Gift certificates to a day spa "I'd love to treat my board of directors [all 49 of them]. To thank them and give them a day to chill out."


Summer Travelers from Chico's "I love Chico's. ... I literally take two pants, two coats and a couple tank tops and I could be gone for a week. They pack all nice and small. They look wonderful."

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