Yorkshire pudding: milk alternatives


April 25, 2007|By Gholam Rahman | Gholam Rahman,Cox News Service

My niece is allergic to dairy products. Can I make Yorkshire pudding without milk, substituting maybe chicken broth?

Originating in the Yorkshire region in the north of England, the pudding originally was made in the fat drippings from a roast beef and then served with gravy as part of a roast beef dinner. Mostly crust, it is raised by steam and eggs in a very hot oven, much like its American cousin, the popover.

Although milk plays a part in the puffing up of the batter, I don't think its role is critical. But there are better choices than chicken broth. I don't know if lactose intolerance is the cause of your niece's problem with dairy. If so, you can most likely use lactose-free milk, of which some brands are 100 percent free of lactose. These are real milk and will act just like milk although they are fat-free. You will have enough fat anyway in a Yorkshire pudding recipe. Otherwise, soy milk also should work in your recipe. Check with her doctor first, though.

When you tinker with a recipe, it is a good idea to follow the rest of the instructions carefully.

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