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April 22, 2007



National Geographic / $15.95

Author and travel expert Marybeth Bond believes women travel differently than men. To the women profiled in this fun book, travel of any kind is the ultimate adventure, whether power shopping in Santa Fe, N.M., or canoeing in the wilderness of Maine. As research for the book, Bond interviewed 50 women about their personal travel experiences, from Louisiana to Wyoming's Grand Tetons, from Key West, Fla., to Quebec City. The book is organized by themes rather than destinations and addresses different life stages such as turning 40, 50 or 60; bonding with a daughter; or going on a grand adventure after the kids have fled the coop. Bond shares the stories of other women as well as her own. The result is a very personal and unusual travel book.




Vacation in the slow lane

Try to make that vacation last. That's the theory behind slowtrav.com, a Web site for travelers who prefer to take their destinations at a leisurely pace. Pauline Kenny, the Web site's founder, said key to the experience is staying in a vacation rental instead of a hotel, which "lets you live like a local." For more details, go to slowtrav.com.




Send text message for status

Google has joined with the Web site flightstats.com to offer a free text-messaging service that distributes flight status reports. Simply text Google by using the short code 466453, which spells Google on most phones, and enter the abbreviated airline (American Airlines is AA, for example) along with your flight number, and Google will respond with an updated departure and arrival time, leaving a text message on your mobile device. This service is available for flights departing or arriving in the United States.




More direct flights to Europe added

A host of new flights will make travel to Europe more convenient for Americans this summer. According to a report on new air service from the European Travel Commission, Boston and Washington will get new nonstop flights to Madrid in June via Iberia Airlines. Also in June, US Airways will start linking Brussels, Belgium, with nonstop service from Philadelphia. Continental will start new nonstop service between Athens, Greece, and Newark, N.J., while Hartford, Conn., will get its first trans-Atlantic service when Northwest / KLM introduces nonstop flights to Amsterdam, Netherlands, on July 1. The ETC noted that lower fares are not likely to follow the increased options.




Skip the photo-op

The worst adventure-photo cliches, from santafeworkshops.com:

1. Nalgene swigging 2. Sunsets 3. Boulder hopping 4. Stream crossing 5. Boot soles 6. Coiled-rope throwing 7. Blurry stars 8. Yoga 9. Wading, pack aloft 10. Rainbows

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