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April 22, 2007



We knew Orioles fans expected big things out of Nick Markakis, but, wow. More than 4,000 people responded to last week's Poll Position question concerning which homegrown Oriole would have the best overall big league career. And the Orioles outfielder picked up more than half the vote.

Nick Markakis 51.5 percent (2,087 votes)

Erik Bedard 19.3 (782)

Adam Loewen 11.9 (483)

Daniel Cabrera 8.2 (333)

Brian Roberts 6.6 (268)

Chris Ray 2.5 (100)



Which Oriole would you most like to take out for a beer?

Executive VP Mike Flanagan

Nick Markakis

Pitching coach Leo Mazzone

Kevin Millar

Brian Roberts

Miguel Tejada

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Last week's question: Which current major leaguer would you pay to see play and why?

Derek Jeter. He does everything better than the rest. How many superstars do you see running out ground balls like a rookie trying to make the team?

- Jeff Mariner, Phoenix, Md.

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This week's question: If you were commissioner, what rule would you implement to make baseball better, and why?

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