5 Things I Have To Have Now

April 22, 2007

Festivals are fun, unless you're organizing one. But Jed Dietz, director of the Maryland Film Festival for nine years, says it's still fun. Seriously. The man is confident. ("It's going great.") And well he should be. This year's event runs May 3-6 and is set to be bigger than ever, including a first-time filmmaker tent village across the street from the Charles Theatre. "There will be interactions with filmmakers, panels, workshops, screenings and all of that is free," says Dietz, 59, a father of three who lives in Roland Park with his wife, Dr. Julia McMillan, a Johns Hopkins University pediatrics professor. He does admit: "I'm obsessed with the festival at this point." Well, of course you are.


Baltimore swag "Great gifts for the filmmakers on opening night. We want Baltimore-type things ... like something from [designer] Jonathan Maxwell, who did the lobby of the Charles. ... Something from the Baltimore arts scene."


A private plane "To fly in our filmmakers. ... It would be fun."


High-definition projection system "For the festival. ... There's several different kinds of formats, but this is a special one. ... I think there's literally not one in town, [but] we'll find it."


Plane ticket to China "For my son, Elihu, who just graduated college. He's going to see a friend who has lived there awhile and speaks Chinese. ... Kind of a graduation present."


Complete Criterion collection on DVD "They often do rarer movies and ... are the first people to put a movie on DVD. It might have never existed other than a damaged print or a bad copy and they will restore a film and digitally remaster it. Sometimes, it's the best presentation the film has had in years, even in movie theaters."

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