Harford history

Landmark store founded in 1910

April 22, 2007

On April 27, 1910, E. Tucker & Co. was incorporated. For 38 years, the general store was a landmark and institution for the residents of Forest Hill and the surrounding area.

In June 1914 the frame building, with a raised board sidewalk and front porch, burned down. A new store was built within a few months and a store building is still standing today at the spot on Rock Spring Road.

On Nov. 15, 1948, E. Tucker & Co. was purchased by Maurice Klein. The acquisition ended one era in Forest Hill history but launched another. It became the first location of the business that is now Klein's Family Markets, an institution of sorts to many county residents today.

[Sources: Harford Historical Bulletin, No. 29, Summer 1986; Klein's Family Markets, www.kleinsonline.com/front.php; research by Harford County Public Library]

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