Sanjaya Malakar

American Idol Watch Last night's castoff

April 19, 2007|By Tim Swift | Tim Swift,Sun Staff

Fatal Song Choice:

"Something to Talk About"

What Went Wrong:

Nothing, really. Our national nightmare is now over. The not-so-mannish Malakar's affinity for songs by female artists finally did him in. The strategy can be a smart one, because it can pull you out of the original's shadow. But Malakar, dressed in his best Laverne & Shirley do-rag, made it infinitely more girlish and bland.

Shining Moment:

With the help of Ashley "the crying girl" Ferl during British Invasion week, he rocked out to "You Really Got Me Now" and gave us the most cringe-inducing and entertaining two minutes of television all year.

In Danger:

Lakisha Jones and Blake Lewis are thankful the country theme lasted only a week.

Tim Swift

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