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April 15, 2007


Readers are rather optimistic in their assessment of this year's Orioles. Of the 3,225 votes in last week's poll, nearly half said the team would finish around or above the .500 mark with 80 or more wins. The results:

69 or fewer wins: 9 percent (290 votes)

70-74 wins: 19.4 percent (625 votes)

75-79 wins: 25.1 percent (809 votes)

80-85 wins: 34.4 percent (1,109 votes)

86-90 wins: 8.5 percent (274 votes)

91 or more wins: 3.7 percent (118 votes)

Poll position

Which homegrown Oriole will end up with the best overall big league career?

Erik Bedard

Daniel Cabrera

Adam Loewen

Nick Markakis

Chris Ray

Brian Roberts

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Hack of the week

Last week's question: Which team will win the 2007 World Series and why?

The Red Sox. With the additions of (J.D.) Drew and (Daisuke) Matsuzaka, and with (Jonathan) Papelbon back as the closer, this is a formidable team without peer in either league.

- Patrick R. Lynch, Baltimore

Take your hacks

Each week we will ask an open-ended baseball question. Reply with your thoughts to sports@baltsun. com. We'll print one response each week. Keep your answer to 25 words or fewer and make sure you include your name and phone number for verification purposes.

This week's question: Which current major leaguer would you pay to see play and why?

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