5 Things I Have To Have Now


Carrie Engel has been seeing green for more than 30 years. No, she's not jealous or rich, but Engel is the envy of Baltimore's gardening cognoscenti. Known as Valley View Farms' "gardening guru," Engel, 51, started at the Cockeysville enterprise in 1972. Since then, she's appeared frequently on TV and often gives lectures at garden forums. Engel, who grew up in northern Baltimore County and lives in Phoenix, says gardening can be easy, but it takes time. "There's a learning curve," she says. "I love new gardeners who are just getting into it; they are so amazed about -- it sounds so corny -- the whole miracle of growing."


Pick-up truck "A used, running, but not necessarily pretty, pick-up truck. I find myself without one for the first time in 25 years. How does everybody get stuff [mulch, plants, soil] to their house?"


Orioles tickets "Weekday day-game tickets to Camden Yards. What a great way to spend a day off with friends."


New garden tools "The new designs are so much better. I especially like the shovels and trowels from Radius Garden tools. And they're bright, so I won't lose them in the yard."


A wide-angle lens "[It's] for my digital camera. For Orioles games, landscape shots and to get pictures of my large extended family."


A new stone patio "The existing one [off my kitchen] is uneven and not quite big enough when the family visits. And, I need more space for container gardening."

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