April 15, 2007

THE ISSUE: -- The Preakness Balloon Fest is coming to Turf Valley Resort. Is this something that you would attend?

`An amazing sight ... in our neighborhood'

Having been to the balloon festival in New Jersey, we will definitely go to Turf Valley to see the balloon glow and, if we can work it out, the ascension the next day. It is an amazing sight, and I would recommend it to everyone. We are thrilled it is right here in our neighborhood!

Lauren Connor Woodbine

It's great the fest is coming to Howard

I think it's great that the Balloon Fest is coming to Howard County. A lot of people in the county would like to see the balloons, but it's so far to travel to Oregon Ridge Park. And the parking is good at Turf Valley.

Wayne Glenn Ellicott City

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