Comment on $1 shuttle fee was erroneous, Leopold says

April 15, 2007

A department director misspoke when he said Anne Arundel County would start charging a $1 fee for seniors and disabled people who use the county shuttle service, County Executive John R. Leopold said.

The idea to raise money for the overburdened service was floated during a meeting of department heads two weeks ago, Leopold said Friday, but he rejected it a week later during a meeting with his budget staff.

Wayne Taylor, director of the Department of Aging and Disabilities, attended the first meeting but not the second, Leopold said. Taylor told The Sun for an article published Friday that the charge would go into effect in July.

Leopold said Taylor "spoke prematurely and inaccurately on the issue."

Taylor acknowledged Friday that he spoke "out of turn in the budget process."

"I should not have said anything about that proposal until [Leopold] released the budget in May," he said.

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