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American Idol Watch Last night's castoff

April 12, 2007|By Tim Swift | Tim Swift,Sun Staff

Fatal Song Choice:

"Turn the Beat Around"

What Went Wrong:

While her look said bold tigress (the animal print, the exposed bra strap, the trashy hair), her voice mewed like a kitten. Idol's pageant queen was simply overwhelmed by the syncopated pace of the song and the power of the band. To her credit, she tried her hardest to sell it -- but alas the American Idol stage has no stripper pole.

Shining Moment:

British Invasion week's song wasn't "Shake Your Moneymaker," but it sure felt like it. Her exuberant rendition of "Tell Him" had enough charisma to make up for what she lacked in vocal talent and, well, clothes.

In Danger:

Phil Stacey and Chris Richardson are feeling the pain from the universe of Sanjaya.

Tim Swift

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