Bagged cabbage OK for coleslaw?


April 11, 2007|By Gholam Rahman | Gholam Rahman,Cox News Service

I have never used bagged, precut cabbage for coleslaw but would like to do so because of the convenience. Is it as good as doing my own from a head of cabbage, in flavor as well as in texture?

I have used the bagged cabbage, and have shredded my own as well. Frankly, if it's fresh, the difference in either texture or taste is imperceptible - once all the other stuff goes into the mix. Make sure, though, that the sale date on the bag is still well within the limit and the shredded cabbage does not look wilted or discolored. These packagings contain a special gas to minimize quality loss.

The real difference is the price, however. You must pay for the convenience. If you have a good-quality sharp knife, shredding the cabbage is simple. Packaged coleslaw seasoning mix is a convenience, too, and it is pretty good. Just add mayonnaise, sugar and vinegar.

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