Annapolis council vote backs Owens


The Annapolis city council narrowly approved last night a statement in support of a former Navy quarterback who was acquitted of rape and now faces expulsion from the Naval Academy.

The resolution in support of Lamar S. Owens Jr., which passed, 5 to 4, recommends that the former midshipmen be allowed to graduate but not receive his officer's commission.

Assistant Navy Secretary William Navas will decide Owens' fate.

The resolution originally recommended that Owens be granted a degree and a commission, but Alderwoman Classie Gillis Hoyle, the measure's sponsor, said that a compromise was necessary and that Owens "will accomplish a lot in or out of the military."

"I'm really interested in this young man getting his degree because he positively deserves that," Hoyle said.

Owens was accused of raping a female midshipman in her dorm room in 2006, after they had been out drinking. He was found not guilty of rape, but convicted of conduct unbecoming an officer for having sex in the academy dorm and for violating an order to stay away from the woman.

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