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April 08, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO

The Sports Legends Museum at Camden Yards has added a new display to its "Nine Innings of Orioles Baseball" gallery. It's called "Comic Relief," and it profiles the career and personality of reliever Moe Drabowsky, who died last year.

The display, which debuted Friday, is housed inside an old locker from Memorial Stadium. That, alone, should bring tears to the eyes of many fans. It includes artifacts on loan from the Drabowsky family and clips of interviews from the reliever and his teammates. Check it out.

I sat in the parking lot of Princeton Sports in Columbia, waiting for yesterday's Orioles game to end before heading inside. My friend said something like, "A-Rod's going to strike out."

And this was before Chris Ray had thrown a pitch. With the count 1-2, I'm getting slapped on the arm and reminded, "I told you! I told you!"

And then ... well ... you know what happened next.

I punched my friend in the mouth.

No, seriously, I had to laugh because it was such a ridiculous way to lose. A two-out rally that's fueled by a walk and a hit batter.

I could hear the Yankee Stadium crowd getting ready to boo A-Rod unmercifully. One guy was ready to throw a battery - the one he took out of his car.

Now that A-Rod hit the grand slam, they love him now, don't they?

Until the next time he strikes out.

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