5 Things I Have To Have Now


Dr. Leslie Mancuso, 50, is a world traveler, but most of her destinations are not exactly haute couture hotspots. "I just got back from Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. I leave in a month for Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa," says Mancuso, the head of JHPIEGO (pronounced ja-pie-go), a Johns Hopkins affiliate and international health group that focuses on improving access to medical care for women and families in developing countries. "We're the jewel of Baltimore, and we've been here for nearly 35 years," says Mancuso, who joined JHPIEGO five years ago and lives in Fells Point with her husband. "My first job was at Johns Hopkins. ... I tell people I've come full circle. I went through other experiences but came back to where I should be."


Lottery ticket

"Has to be a winner ... to endow JHPIEGO forever. When I travel ... I meet incredibly talented physicians and nurses who want to learn more. If we could win one Mega Million ticket, it would allow us to build capacity in these countries."



"... that's indestructible. I have staff around the world. ... So I travel about 60 percent of the year. ... I did three countries in two weeks. It would be nice to have luggage that makes it through a few trips."


I-Pod with Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones

"That blocks out noise and other people talking. It's for relaxation when I travel."


Front-row tickets to the Oprah show

"Especially a show that focuses on global health. And then to have a private meeting with Oprah about her future plans for Africa."


Sports Illustrated endless subscription

"I've been getting the magazine for years ... since college. Every week. I love sports. Football is my favorite. ... I like the Ravens and the Giants. If you grow up in Connecticut, you grow up with the Giants. But the Ravens have been wonderful."

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