Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

April 08, 2007

Don't just talk; report prejudice

If I understand this correctly, Carroll County Public Schools' administrators are seeking information from ethnic minority parents regarding insensitivity directed toward their children by teachers. This means that CCPS must realize there is a problem of some magnitude to sponsor so many forums.

Yet parents are cautioned not to name teachers or schools involved in the incidents. Why are teachers who have discriminated against a student immune to being reprimanded?

In the private sector, employees who discriminate against a minority customer or co-worker are subject to censure by their managers followed with possible job loss and a law suit by the injured party. Surely children deserve the same protections under the law. The school setting is their place of work; children must be free from harassment by authority figures so they can work effectively.

CCPS must not stop here but encourage parents to report incidents as they happen, so that teachers cease their discrimination against children of ethnic minorities immediately.

Sue Keller Finksburg

Shining light on open classrooms

I am very pleased that you were able to devote a story to the open classroom situation at Carrolltowne Elementary School in your March 24 edition.

As a parent of a student at Carrolltowne Elementary, I am extremely pleased with the level of academic achievement as well as the warm, friendly atmosphere fostered by Principal Tierney and his very able staff. They have done a marvelous job of coping with what I consider a less-than-ideal set of circumstances.

As a commissioner, I consider partitioning open classrooms and related improvements to be a priority. This sort of priority must be balanced against a number of equally deserving projects. I consider the lack of doors leading to suites to be an even more urgent priority.

This is urgent in my opinion to limit property damage in the case of fire and to complete physical security in the case of a dangerous intruder. Events from the last several years indicate that such situations can happen literally anywhere.

I have asked relevant staff of Carroll County Public Schools to meet with parent leaders. I have also asked relevant county budget staff to be included in this communication loop.

I remain hopeful that we can work through scheduling, logistical and financial challenges. I greatly appreciate parent leaders who have shined a spotlight on this situation.

Michael D. Zimmer County Commissioner

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