The Venue

The skinny on local clubs

April 05, 2007|By ASHLIE BAYLOR

Club Mate Upscale and decidedly cosmopolitan, Club Mate has the atmosophere of a swanky Washington club in the heart of Brooklyn.

Venue Where -- 3612 Hanover St.

Call -- 410-355-6697

Web site -- mateclublounge .com

Notable -- The ambience. It can make you feel like a celebrity. From the modernized lighting to the club's canopy-enclosed beds, Mate's interior design rivals that in some of the city's poshest clubs.

Vibe -- Depends on which section you're in. Mate's VIP area is filled with people snobbishly head-nodding and swaying lazily. Most of the people there spend their time at the bar or looking at the dance floor. On the other hand, if you choose to hang out downstairs, the club's mix of heart-pounding hip-hop, reggae and Baltimore club makes dancing second nature. You almost forget that you're being watched by the people in VIP.

Crowd -- Young adults looking for a night on the town. Despite the intense music, the crowd usually remains cool.

What to wear -- Blazers and jeans for the guys and day dresses paired with strappy heels for the ladies are the norm. With an understated dress-to-impress attitude, most of Mate's patrons sport their best.

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