You're Such a Critic

You're Such a Critic

The Question

March 30, 2007

Actor Terrence Howard stars in Pride as Jim Ellis, a Philadelphia swim coach who takes a team of nonswimmers and turns them into swimmers who win meets. What are your favorite movies starring Howard and why?


Terrence Howard got his feet wet in Dead Presidents, and he played a great jerk in that movie. After that performance, anytime I saw him in something else, I'd say to myself, "Hey, there's the jerk from Dead Presidents."

Damon Costantini, Catonsville

Most women love to focus on Terrence's eyes as part of the "he's so hot factor" but for me it's his eyes that contribute to his ability to give the Denzel Washington "I don't need a script because my facial expression says it all" performance.

For this reason, my favorite Terrence Howard film is The Best Man. In this film, Howard gives some facial expressions that make a director want to trash the script and scream, "More!" When an actor or actress can convey a thought through a look, it usually results in him or her becoming a future Oscar nominee. (Howard received an Oscar nomination for Hustle & Flow in 2006.)

Sharon Wright, Baltimore

THE NEXT QUESTION Actor Will Ferrell never tires of goofy roles. His new movie Blades of Glory, which opens today, appears to be typical Ferrell. What makes his brand of humor so hilarious?

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