The Venue

The skinny on local clubs

March 29, 2007|By SAM SESSA

DuClaw Brewing Company This local chain opened its first location in Bel Air in 1996. It has since developed a reputation as a go-to spot for better-than-average food and beer.

Where -- 901 S. Bond St.

Call -- 410-563-3400

Web site --

Notable -- The beer. It's brewed in Abingdon and shipped to the Fells Point location and other DuClaws in the area. Celtic Fury, a tasty, robust stout comparable to Guinness, was introduced on St. Patrick's Day weekend and is still on tap. Misfit Red is also a good choice.

Vibe -- Fun. There's nothing pretentious about the place. Plus, it's cleaner and newer than most Fells Point watering holes.

Crowd -- Families by day, gradually fading into more young adults at night.

What to wear -- Pretty much anything goes. Don't feel the need to dress up, but if you go there after work, you won't feel out of place.

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