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March 28, 2007

Not long ago, President Bush was listing issues where he and Democrats could work together after the GOP's election "thumpin.'" Democratic leaders also talked the bipartisan talk. Will it instead turn out to be two years of legislative gridlock?

The politics of war, of congressional oversight, and of a premature presidential campaign will make it very difficult for this Congress and White House to move ahead on substantial issues - perhaps more difficult than in past presidencies facing an opposition Congress in the lame-duck years. Add to this an almost evenly divided Senate, and the stage is set for inaction.

That's not to say that work can't be done. Indeed, major challenges such as health care, climate change, entitlement reform and illegal immigration demand cooperation - today if not yesterday. ...

Congress and the White House have a choice. They can make this a productive legislative period, as at the end of Ronald Reagan's second term, or far less so, as at the end of the Bill Clinton era. The hurdles are high and will require great effort to clear.

- The Christian Science Monitor

Four years since Cuba cracked down on dissent, the more than 300 political prisoners in the country need the world's attention. They remain behind bars for speaking their minds, defending human rights or demanding a voice in their governance. Yet there still is no sign that the regime intends to free them. ...

Cuba's forgotten political prisoners are victims of a dictatorship that unjustly accuses them of "crimes" that do not exist in the free world. Their mistreatment and unjust punishment must be condemned. The international community should ramp up pressure on the government to release them.

People living in a democracy may find it hard to imagine being imprisoned for signing a petition, advocating for free elections or loaning books from a home library, but this is what Cuba does.

International attention and pressure on the Cuban government help political prisoners, as those freed in the past have confirmed. Cuba must get the message from all corners of the world: Release all political prisoners - now.

- The Miami Herald

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