Optimism, hope fuel O's coach Trebelhorn's labor of love


March 25, 2007|By PETER SCHMUCK

JUPITER, Fla. -- It was an odd scene, especially under the circumstances. Tom Trebelhorn, the Orioles' 59-year-old bench coach, was flat on the deck matching third baseman Melvin Mora push-up for push-up Wednesday while the rest of the team warmed up for an exhibition game against the St. Louis Cardinals.

The fact that Trebelhorn was willing to engage a premier athlete 24 years his junior in a test of physical prowess, light-hearted as the contest was, would say a lot about the man even on his best day. The fact that he was in uniform at all at this juncture in his most difficult spring is a testament to the power of his particular form of positive thinking.

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