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March 24, 2007|By RICK MAESE

One of the most anticipated aspects of anyone's run-in with the law is the mug shot. And this is why I have so many questions surrounding this week's news that Tony La Russa was charged with DWI. The police report says La Russa was asleep at the wheel, his car sitting in front of a green light. He later blew a 0.093 blood-alcohol count. But did you see the photo? He doesn't look tired or drunk in that mug shot. La Russa looks more like a guy who's confronting someone he suspects of stealing his wallet.

Anyhow, this is really just an excuse to link to the Smoking Gun's collection of athlete mug shots at Mug shots and the Internet are an intriguing marriage. One captures a quick moment in time and the other refuses to let you forget about it.

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