If hunger hits in Far East, you'll find me near feast

Postcard from Tokyo

March 23, 2007|By CANDUS THOMSON

Is this a great country, or what?

Imagine Cocoa Puffs sharing the same breakfast buffet with grilled salmon. Cinnamon buns and steamed broccoli. Sausage links and bacon glistening with fat and smoked trout.

Why, in less than a half-hour of cruising the Hotel JALCity lineup, it's easy to be both slothful and virtuous while trying American and Japanese cuisine.

One can only imagine what the chef looks like. I imagine a daffy cross-breeding of John Belushi's irresponsible Bluto Blutarsky and the no-nonsense woman from my junior high school cooking class.

Sign me up for this Clean Plate Club.

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