Your're Such a Critic

You're Such a Critic

The Question

Now that Hollywood's awards season is over, what nominated movies will you buy on DVD, and why?

March 23, 2007


There were some great movies nominated for this past season's Oscars, and the actors and actresses deserved well-intended accolades and praises. But as a diversion from severity, violence and language, I would prefer to purchase the DVD A Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller, for an evening of fun and fantasy. I think Ben Stiller is a great actor, and he certainly proved his talent in this movie.

Freda Garelick, Baltimore

THE NEXT QUESTION Actor Terrence Howard stars in Pride, which opens today, as Jim Ellis, a Philadelphia swim coach who takes a team of nonswimmers and turns them into swimmers who win meets. What are your favorite movies starring Howard and why?

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