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March 21, 2007


House OKs 8 ground rent bills

The Maryland House of Delegates unanimously approved eight bills yesterday aimed at modernizing the state's system of ground rents and stemming reported abuses of homeowners. pg 1a

Tapes of Bromwell made public

Former state Sen. Thomas L. Bromwell Sr. boasted to an FBI informant who was posing as a financier of wielding political power to influence some of Maryland's most prominent institutions to benefit himself and friends, according to secretly transcribed recordings made public yesterday. pg 1a


Maryland women eliminated

Maryland, the NCAA women's basketball defending champion, lost to Mississippi, 89-78, last night in the second round of this year's tournament in Hartford, Conn. It was the same Ole Miss team that was defeated by the Terps, 110-79, in November at a tournament in the Bahamas. pg 1e


Bush to let Rove be questioned

President Bush, setting up a possible constitutional showdown with congressional leaders over the firing of U.S. attorneys, agreed to make White House political strategist Karl Rove available for questioning, but not in public or under oath. pg 1a

Warning issued to FBI

Republicans and Democrats warned the FBI it risks losing its broad power to collect telephone, e-mail and financial records to hunt terrorists because of rampant abuses of the authority. pg 3a



+ 61.93



+ 13.80


S&P -- UP

+ 8.88



+ 0.30


CareFirst net income up 30%

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield posted net income of $142.0 million last year, about 30 percent more than it earned the previous year. A CareFirst spokesman, credited a change in pricing strategy and one-time payments this year of $12.5 million. pg 1d

Ferris official to return to work

Ferris Baker Watts said yesterday that its director of retail sales will return to work while the brokerage and federal officials continue to investigate an alleged stock manipulation scheme carried out by a former client. He was among six executives and traders placed on temporary leave. pg 1d


U.S. and Palestinian meeting

A senior U.S. diplomat met yesterday in the West Bank town of Ramallah with the Palestinian finance minister in the first American contact with the new coalition government and a sign of a break in policy between Israel and its closest ally. pg 12a

Referendum scheduled in Egypt

Egypt's president scheduled a referendum next week on constitutional amendments that would place limits on the nation's largest opposition movement, drawing accusations that the government is speeding up the process to avoid debate. pg 13a


Theme music and sports

Some theme music for sports on TV has become so popular that it becomes part of the events. Witness the "CBS NCAA Basketball Theme," written in a New York basement studio in 1992. pg 1c

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