Vatican crowd control

Officials increase admission price, reduce visiting hours to historic site

The Smart Traveler

March 18, 2007

VISITORS TO THE VATICAN ARE getting a heads-up that nothing is eternal -- at least when it comes to the Holy See's museums. Admission prices just went up by a euro to 13 euros, or about $17.05, and opening hours have been cut back for visitors not affiliated with organized tour groups.


Little Bookroom / $15.95

Hard to believe it's been several years since this wonderful guide to New York City jazz was published. During the intervening years, though, much has changed, and author Steve Dollar picks up where he left off. He discusses the new club scene in Brooklyn and the slick new Jazz at Lincoln Center, which has not only greatly increased its programming but also houses a recording studio, a broadcast center, a classroom and a jazz hall of fame. He laments losses (Smalls in the West Village; CBGB in the Bowery) and hails triumphs (the reopening of Smalls early last year). "Jazz in New York," writes Dollar, "is an ever-changing proposition that never goes out of style."



Free downloaded map really rocks

Most people know that Jim Morrison's grave is in Paris, but who knew that Dusty Springfield's grave is in Henley-on-Thames? Now, thanks to a free downloadable England Rocks map, available online at, music fans can learn everything there is to know about more than 100 English sites associated with rock 'n' roll and then make a pilgrimage that goes far beyond the average visit to the Abbey Road Studios. Jimi Hendrix fanatics can check out his London home (a house in which Handel once lived) and more.



Rules eased for U.S., Canadian children

Regulations that would require passports for future entry into the United States by land and sea have been modified to exempt children. U.S. and Canadian citizens age 15 or younger (with parental consent) will be allowed to cross borders, both at land and sea entry points, with certified copies of their birth certificates rather than passports. The exemption is a change from plans that would have required passports for land and sea entry into the United States for children beginning as early as January. Children traveling by air are still required to show passports for entry into the United States from Mexico, Canada, Bermuda or the Caribbean, under rules that went into effect Jan. 23.



Let someone else do the packing

No packing, no luggage, no hassle. That's the thought behind a service called FlyLite. You dispatch a set of clothes in a suitcase. The company catalogs your items and keeps them in a climate-controlled storage facility. When you're ready to go, enter your virtual closet online and click on the items you want to pack. Schedule an arrival date and destination (U.S. cities only) and the bags appear at your hotel. When you leave, the company picks up and cleans everything and puts it back in your "closet." Costs: $100 to $200 per trip, depending on the destination; $500 initial setup fee. 888-435-9548 or


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