Moyer puts parking to-do in neutral



March 18, 2007

A recent letter to the editor alleged that the city administration was opposed to Alderman Dick Israel's parking legislation.

In fact, the alderman has simply codified programs already in place.

The Parking Committee was appointed in 2003. It developed a strategic plan which included valet parking, free parking for residents, an employee parking plan, new fees, new enforcement mechanisms and more. A parking coordinator was appointed in 2006.

Kevin Miller, who has a beef with the city over a private off-street parking space, alleged leadership could be bought off. That is pretty strong language and near libelous for a guy who also lives in Indianapolis and whose Annapolis parking space in City Gate was refused in 2004 by the city Board of Appeals.

The board heard from members of the public and neighbors who opposed the request by the Millers on the grounds that it would adversely alter the scheme for the whole development.

The appeals board agreed, finding the Miller request would be "inappropriate" to the planned development and contrary to public interest.

Ellen O. Moyer Annapolis

The writer is mayor of Annapolis.

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