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March 17, 2007

LUCIE AUBRAC, 94 French Resistance leader

Lucie Aubrac, a hero of the French Resistance who helped free her husband from the Gestapo and whose dramatic life story became a hit film, died Wednesday in Paris.

Born on June 29, 1912, in the eastern city of Macon, Ms. Aubrac was a history and geography teacher when she and her husband, engineer Raymond Samuel, helped create Liberation-Sud, or Liberation-South.

Liberation-South was one of the first networks set up by the Resistance, a French movement to continue warfare against Germany after France's 1940 defeat in World War II.

The couple adopted the nom de guerre Aubrac in the Resistance.

In 1943, Ms. Aubrac helped orchestrate her husband's escape from a Lyon prison after his arrest. She persuaded the local Gestapo leader, Klaus Barbie, to let her meet with him. During the visit, they planned his escape.

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