Parents guide

March 16, 2007


Rating -- PG-13

What it's about -- A woman lives through the death of her husband, but comes to think that experience was a dream and that he hasn't died yet.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- It's a mite spooky.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- Don't leap to conclusions about someone's character until you have all the facts.

Violence -- Accidents, a moment of hysteria.

Language -- Pretty clean.

Sex -- Suggested.

Drugs -- Prescription stuff. Alcohol is consumed.

Parents advisory -- It's not that 13-and-youngers will be psychically damaged by this. They'll be bored, as it isn't really for them.

I Think I Love My Wife

Rating -- R

What it's about -- Bored husband contemplates an affair with a bad girl.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- The hormonal boys will want to check out Kerry Washington.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- Marriage and family mean commitment, putting somebody else before your own wants and desires.

Violence -- A beating is threatened.

Language -- Chris Rock loves to swear. Lives to swear.

Sex -- "Some sexual content."

Drugs -- Alcohol, but not a lot of it.

Parents advisory -- An adult romantic comedy, the only things most kids would get from this is the naughty words.

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